Consumers might ask what app to use when looking to find the best restaurant, bar, dentist and many other desired places. Which one is the best? That depends on what place and experience you are looking for.

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Google Places is the information that a search engine receives and uses from business lists. You can find basic information like a description, images, hours of operation, and contact information. You can also check reviews and ratings. One of the advantages is that it is a branch from Google and Google Maps. Places pop up after a result and the flow towards Google places is almost automatic if you are searching through Google.

The bad part is that it lacks personalization for millennials, foodies, and travelers who are Foursquare’s main audiences. In Google Places, you will find “whatever it is out there” and with Foursquare you can find whatever is in your personal interests.

If the consumer is looking for the most relevant dental offices in a suburb he can take advantage of Google Places. The branch of Google will list the surrounding offices along with ratings, comments, and contact information.

If the consumer is looking to have a more personalized experience, he should choose Foursquare. The app will guide him to places where his or her friends have gone and enjoyed. It will also take in consideration previous visits and personal input. Foursquare will not generate common or available recommendations. It is a targeted and tailored app from a different consumer base.

The answer of what app to use is not difficult. Both apps have pros and cons. Google places it is an automatic pop up from Google and Google Maps. It is informational, but not precise. Even though its growth since 2012, Foursquare has not the reach of Google. It is a tailored app for a more demanding audience. Foursquare and Google places are two different tools for different people.