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The battle between Yelp and Foursquare is fierce. Both parties have pros and cons and a different user base. Yelp is the older and more traditional company with more users and associated businesses. Despite the large numbers, Yelp has been accused of pressuring business owners through the manipulation of reviews. On the other side, Foursquare is a more personalized app that will guide you through new places according your friends visits and your own personal input.

Yelp is a multinational corporation headquartered in San Francisco, California. It develops, hosts and markets and the Yelp mobile app, which publish crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses, as well as the online reservation service Yelp Reservations and online food-delivery service. The company also trains small businesses in how to respond to reviews, hosts social events for reviewers, and provides data about businesses, including health inspection scores.  Yelp has over 53 million reviews and 120 million monthly visitors. It is the first app that appears on the search results for any searches. The app has reviews about businesses from patrons who are passionate to take the time to write one or two paragraphs about their experiences.

Yelp has suffered from accusations of pressuring businesses into using their service or risk being black balled. The app relies on long form reviews, which limits the number of users that are willing to submit. Another disadvantage is that it has limited the power of “strong ties” among users because they aren’t strongly encouraged to connect to one another

Foursquare on the other side is connected among friends who leave tips and recommendations about their preferences. The app has gone through some changes since its launch, but it has brought a new and fresh ideas that millennials are adopting positively.  The app has one of the largest databases of user generated geolocation in the world. It has a user-friendly UI and great mobile experience overall. Their businesses partners can rely on its smart advertising and growth in the last years. The app has about 45 million users but, its personalization, data, and fresh approach threats Yelp’s number one place in the future.